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Good Times Around the Corner

The other day while clearing out old stuff of 2021, I heard a woman news anchor summing up the year 2021. She spoke of the harshness of the pandemic, the catastrophic weather events, the division rising amongst people around the world, and that was just to name a few of the top issues. I am paraphrasing here, but after her report she said that her grandmother always said, “When times are tough that means good times are around the corner.” Everyone hopes her grandma is right.

While the pandemic roars around the world, and more information comes in about the virus raging amongst unvaccinated people, finding tolerance in yourself for the unvaccinated, or those vaccinated, but who choose not to follow any pandemic protocols can be difficult.

This isn’t about missing a family, or friend’s birthday or Holiday, it is a very serious health crisis, and when a large portion of the population refuse to do the right thing, it can tear relationships apart.

Family you can’t choose, but friends you can. So would you rather have a made in china friend, or a friend made of china? Integrity is behind all good examples in life, and a made of china friend of mine, reminded me of Jesus’s teachings, again I am paraphrasing what she said, “We are supposed to love everybody. Some are easy to love. Lots are not.” That made a lot of sense to me, and I hope it helps others to see their truth, not fear their truth, but instead to help them cope with the extremes all of us are now facing during our lifetimes with love.

Some family and friends grow apart as the years go by. Some people haven’t changed in decades, still comfortable living out their existence whether old habits are good for them or not, while others grow and expand by widening their horizons, grabbing life by the horns and jumping in fearlessly facing whatever may come.

One is not necessarily better than the other, because both serve their purpose. Everyone deserves respect for their attempts and their accomplishments they attain in life. We all contribute to the collective whole of society, and for that effort everyone should be honored.

Sometimes people are faced with having to make difficult decisions based on their beliefs and morals. We see this more and more in society, the movement of younger people standing up and having a voice, over the old ways of thinking, and believing.

When your environment, family, or friends feel more like anchors than positive contributing factors, sometimes tough decisions need to be made. If you’re having difficulty growing corn in your life, ask your guides and angels for help, search for better seeds by changing your perspective, and in doing so, change your life. In other words, when your choices in life become anchors instead of positive contributing factors, let them go, and start the New Year anew.

Making changes in life takes practice, and there will be slips and falls, but change does happen, life guarantees change. If you find yourself pining over what you just let go of, remember Great Spirit is in control, and sometimes what you let go of returns even better than before. Remember to always give Thanks for the help you get.

So on this upcoming New Years, let’s do our best to take stock of what are the most meaningful purposes we have in our lives. Stick to your trusted truths, maybe don’t do a New Year’s resolution this year. Why start the New Year off with expectations? Expectations bring stress, they don’t always grow corn and can be very disappointing.

Let us always keep our hearts open for the brave men and women that serve our country and allies, so we may sleep well at night, and celebrate, while they work.

A New Year means New Beginnings, let’s start 2022 with a heartfelt bang, and a rallying cry for those we’ve lost, those in service, and those who keeping this country running.

Happy New Year, and Carpe Diem Corn Growers

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