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Did The Pope Just Say We Are Facing Damnation?

That statement caught my attention, and got me to thinking.

According to Genesis, man was removed from the Garden of Eden for disobeying God. Genesis 3 BSB (

When man didn’t learn his first lesson, God brought a great flood to remove man from the Earth. Genesis 7 NKJV - The Great Flood - Then the Lord said to - Bible Gateway

So is the Pope on to something here?

On today’s Earth, much like old Earth, there are many religions, and faiths, that people follow. Some don’t believe in a God at all, while others believe in a power greater than themselves, but not in one Supreme Being sitting on a throne throwing lightning bolts, and making judgements.

I have always prayed for God. I couldn’t, nor would I want to do His job. Listening to billions of people’s prayers, billions asking for miracles, when does He have time to answer those prayers? When does He have time to run the Universe and enjoy His manifestations? Maybe that is where the human race is supposed to step up and do what God originally wanted them to do, tend to the only home that God has provided for them, Mother Earth.

If humans begin to become Earth conscious, and begin to clean up the mess we have created on Earth, can we escape damnation, or is it too late? I don’t believe it is ever too late. There is always hope. Even in the darkest of nights, the thought of the sunrise brings hope and a smile.

Some people believe we are already living in a living hell. That can seem real enough when faced with the tragedies of a worldwide pandemic, and the natural disasters now occurring regularly. Usually in the midst of these disasters and tragedies, we hear over and over again, about the goodness that comes from humanity. We’ve all experienced rough times, tragedies, and illnesses at one time or another, if not personally, then someone we love. It is how we handle the rough times in our lives that determines the integrity of how we handle ourselves.

If Jesus is right and the “meek shall inherit the Earth”, then are the meek those that only tend to the Earth, and don’t participate in the degradation of the Earth? How can you live in a technology based society and not take part, to some degree, in the destruction of the Earth? Are there ways to combat wasting the Earth’s natural resources, while still being productive human beings? Yes. Is Your Internet Use Destroying the Environment? - One Green Planet

So is the human race spiraling into destruction from climate, from ourselves, from God, or from all of the above? I’m not sure anyone has that answer, for if God can cleanse the Earth of humans anytime He wants, then maybe we should pray for God first, before we pray for ourselves.

Like I said, I pray to God, for God. I pray He has a spectacular day. I pray He gets through the miracles and prayers that so many ask of Him. I pray He holds me in His loving hands, keeping me safe, while He gives me the strength to be the best steward I can be to His creation, Mother Earth. Amen.

Carpe Diem!

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