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Surviving Life on Earth

While reading the enlightening book The Urantia, I am reminded that everything will be ok even though we have been working against Mother Nature from the beginning. For example, the fact that our desires to have perfect lawns with ornamental plants instead of allowing native plants that support local habitats of many native species to those native areas, have been thrown out for keeping up with the Joneses.

If we want to help the Earth, we could start with rethinking our lawns. It is a simple process that doesn’t require a lot of money, requires less watering, attracts native birds, animals, and insects, and helps to heal the Earth. And as The Urantia says God resides in each of us, so I think He would agree. If you quiet yourself enough, I bet you can feel His loving approval.

All this eternal heavenly assistance helps me sleep better at night knowing they are in charge and my only goal is to be as loving as God. The Universal Father God, lives in me. The Eternal Son of God Jesus, envelopes me with his mercy, and the Eternal Spirit flows through me communicating Their love and mercy. So you would think these feelings would be innate to all humans, that God’s love, Jesus’s mercy, and The Eternal Spirit flows through us all.

The goal I mention above isn’t just for me. When I say loving like God, I mean loving not only toward me but all living beings around me. All living beings need each other in one way or another for continued survival. If we keep stepping on the toes and killing the very living beings we need to survive, humans will be part of the next great extinction.

The sixth great extinction might work out fine for the Earth and her many inhabitants, but what does that do for our future generations of kids and grandkids. Has our ineptness of seeing our behavior robbed them of a future on a peaceful planet? I hope not. They will have to face the ever increasing extreme weather events and the die off of the very species of insects and animals they will need for survival.

Wouldn't it be great if we could fill the planet with more God-consciousness loving individuals to share Jesus’s mercy for our fellow species that we share this beautiful planet with. And wouldn't be great if we could listen more closely to the guidance from the Eternal Spirit to keep our course straight during these difficult times.

A spark of the Universal Father lives in each of us, so if we follow our hearts, if we follow what we believe to be the next right thing, are we channeling God’s love? I like to think so. So following my instincts, thinking about the next right thing to do for myself and others, I believe is being as loving as God.

I hope you can find God within you, feel Jesus’s mercy surround you, and feel the Eternal Spirit help guide God’s love and Jesus’s mercy through you. Together with only a few lifestyle and landscaping changes, we can be the change that we wish to see in the world and be role models to those we are leaving our legacy to.

Carpe Diem soul searchers. The answers lie within, compassion surrounds, and loving guidance flows through.

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