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The Reflections Looking Back at Us

Seeing ourselves in the reflections of animals, people, insects, or trees looking back at us, is an amazing, and fun exercise. It takes practice to see yourself in the common bumble bee, the high flying birds, the singing whales, and the lifesaving tress, just to name a few. And the practice is the fun part. Taking time out of a busy day to enjoy 15 minutes, or more, of nature and her wonders, can do wonders for ourselves.

During our life’s journey, we have plenty of opportunities to learn about ourselves from our nature friends. The only requirement is a little quiet time, and curiosity to see some of our own behavior, and actions, in how nature functions, and how nature cooperates, and gets along with itself. Some humans think other species pale in comparison to humans, do you?

There are reports of how some animals have already begun their evolution to help them survive the climate crisis all of us are facing. Now some bird’s bodies are smaller, and their beaks are larger, while some mammal’s legs are longer, and ears are bigger.

All species living in nature are susceptible to the changing climate. And while many species have been evolving, and changing, because of the rising temperatures, and lack of water, many humans have remained the same, thinking the climate crisis won’t affect them.

But humans can help the planet, the climate crisis, and our friends in nature, by learning about ourselves through them. By not thinking of ourselves separate from nature, but instead stewards of nature. We always hope the reflection looking back at us is happy and healthy, no matter what form the reflection is in.

One of the best ways to help our planet, and our nature brothers and sisters, is to watch our thoughts, closely. Abraham Hicks speaks of the 17 second rule, regarding attracting the energy we need, to manifest the life we hope for. Abraham Hicks ~Do This Every Morning for 17 Seconds Powerful Manifestation Tool - Bing video

Thoughts attract the same energy as the thought. Negative thought, attracts negative energy. Positive thought/positive energy. So if we want to help the planet, ourselves, and our friends manifest a life of happiness, then we need to attract happy energy to ourselves first.

Our outside world changes, once we change internally. The internal change comes first when we practice watching our thoughts, and begin dumping negative thoughts the moment we realize we are thinking of them. It only takes practice, and the desire to have fun changing the world, one thought at a time.

Now we know we have the power to create whatever reality we wish to live in through our thoughts. So why would we want to live in some else’s reality? Think about it. If you don’t get up each morning and set the tone for the day you want to have, and attract that energy to you through your thoughts, then you may go through your day living in some else’s reality.

Never stop dreaming your dreams. “It is what it is”, an old friend of mine used to say. Meaning, you only have control over yourself, and life continues on, with or without you. It just depends on how you want to react to life’s curves balls that makes the difference. When life throws a curve ball, and you have a positive response, or a neutral response, that shows you that the work you are doing is working. You are changing. You are becoming the change you wish to see in the world by not overreacting to life's curve balls. So create your dream world, by living your dream world through your dream thoughts.

When dream thoughts are positive and inclusive, they are helpful and positive for others as well. When you have the synchronicity of your thoughts aligning with Father Universe and Mother Earth, then you have the sole support of the Universe and the Earth backing you. They are the wind beneath your wings. They are your constant companions and you are never alone. Their reflection shines through you.

When you know you are never alone, and the full weight of the Universe and the Earth fill your sails, there is nothing to fear from any reflections looking back at you. Your faith in a new and better world, that you are helping to create through positive thinking, drives you onward.

People work very hard to create a life that will provide college funds, and retirement funds, but who is to say that they will live long enough to enjoy those funds. One day they wake up and find they have missed the opportunity to create a world through thoughts alone, and allow nature and the Universe to guide them. They’ve lived a good portion of their life in someone else’s reality.

Working for the good of all, does not mean working for a profit. Do the flood gates of abundance from the Universe open for the righteous only? Try these exercises of watching your thoughts, and the 17 second rule by Abraham Hicks, and see if abundance doesn’t start flowing your way. When you work for the betterment of all, instead of just for yourself, all things around you begin to change, because you are attracting positive, loving energy into your life.

Universal abundance does not mean money, cars, and big houses. On the contrary, these are all man made illusions, created by other’s thoughts. Working for the man, is the man’s way, not the Universal way. If people want Universal abundance, then they need to evolve their thinking. Some may think changing their lives by just changing their thoughts may be crazy. But don't knock it, until you've tried it. It's not hard, it just takes practice.

Thoughts lead to actions, and good thoughts, equals good actions. When you think good thoughts, and you lead with good actions, that is good for you, and all the reflections looking back at you. This is how you change your life, and the life of those around you.

Carpe Diem

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