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You Get What You Give

A couple of months ago I wrote an article for our local Audubon chapter and the theme was basically you get out of birding what you put into birding, well life is the same way.

When a little effort is put into keeping the yard up, the car clean, and a clean house, you get comments like, “Nice car”, “Nice house”, and “Great yard”. Comments like these are feel good comments, and the comments are a reward for a job well done.

Listening to a program on NPR today while going to meet a friend for lunch, the program was about asking people for help, and how many people are afraid to do just that, ask for help.

According to the program’s findings, most people are willing to help someone if the other person asks them for help. That was comforting to me because I can be afraid to ask for help sometimes.

The turmoil all countries around the world are going through right now are because of the climate crisis, politics, and natural disasters, just to name a few off the top. Asking for help may become something we all need to get used to doing.

Putting your best foot forward, enjoying and appreciating the good things life has to offer, because of your good actions and intentions, can seem daunting when it appears everything is falling apart.

Maybe the nice compliments for the yard, car, and house don’t hold the same comfy feelings they did. Do the compliments roll off your back because you are working harder than ever and seem to be getting nowhere? Working harder, and not seeing, or feeling the same outcome can be demoralizing, and when things get to that point, maybe it’s time to look for help.

Help can come in many ways. Having lunch with a friend, talking with someone on the phone, helping a neighbor will only bring those good deeds back to you and help you feel better. There are many ways to release the gunk that seems to be gumming up the planet and effecting everyone’s lives.

Finding ways to accomplish what we hope to accomplish in life requires us to ask for help sometimes, and if most people are open to helping, then why not ask. When we get together and work together for a common goal and the common good, only goodness will come from that no matter what the outside circumstances may be.

We are social animals and we need each other, but we need more than just that, we need nature to help us survive. Nature has been caring for us since the beginning of man, she needs our help now, it would be nice to see all of us pull together to help her help us.

What is happening now is going to continue to happen, unless minds start changing. And minds need to change away from thinking only about what we want, and begin thinking about what the planet needs us to do.

Carpe Diem Help Searchers!

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