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Who’s There?

Last night I was awakened from a sound sleep by the smell of perfume that had permeated the room. I opened my eyes and didn’t see anything except the long shadows cast along the wall from the neighbor’s spotlight. So who walked through the room or who was standing over me last night?

I have read that some people smell the perfume or cologne of a loved that has passed, although I didn’t recognize this perfume. Not long after the perfume filled the room, the air was filled with a chemical smell, again I didn’t recognize this smell either.

I opened my eyes again and saw nothing but shadows. All the windows and doors were closed, so it’s not like a neighbor was burning something or someone walked by my window, plus it was 2am. Could it be my shadow friend/foe, or a couple of ghosts passing by, or both?

My shadow friend/foe first presented himself to me when I was very young, around five years old. I remember going to a store in the town we lived in with my mother. The store sold clothes, and knick knack things, it was in the sixties so who knows exactly what the store sold, I was too young to remember the details, but I do remember the spooky encounters.

My mother and I followed an employee that my mother knew down to the basement. I remember the basement being poorly lit and filled with furniture, mannequins, boxes, and ghosts. Till this day I know that I saw a mannequin move and as I stood in horror watching this, the shadow figure moved across the room. I had had enough, I screamed and ran for the stairs.

I tried to explain what I saw to my mom but she said it was just my imagination. Really? Ok? A moving mannequin and a tall shadow figure was what I saw and I stick to that to this day, imagination or not.

Yesterday’s blog was about the second time I saw the shadow figure. I was around five when I saw him the first time as stated above, I was around fifteen when I saw him the second, and I was around twenty-five when I saw him the third time at work. There seems to be a pattern here of about every ten years he makes his presence known.

On a late Friday afternoon while finishing up work I had my third encounter with my shadow figure friend, or foe. I was a receptionist at an attorney’s office and had my own little office with an entrance door and the cloudy sliding window that could be closed or opened, like some doctor’s office reception windows.

Because it was a Friday most of the employees and attorneys had left for the day to get a jump on their weekend. I was in the back of my office at the printer when I felt someone or something was behind me. I turned to see the shadow figure standing in my office doorway.

The cloudy reception window to my office was closed but as the shadow figure moved away from the doorway and headed down the hall, I saw his figure pass behind the crinkled glass window. When I looked down the hall to see where he had gone, there was nothing there. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I began shaking from the adrenaline of fear rushing through my body.

Like I said this was the third time I had seen my shadowy friend or foe, and up until this point he had only been observing me, but that was all about to change when I was around forty-five years old and living in the converted fishing shack (that story is in Friday’s blog 10/28/22).

Update. While I’ve been writing this I smelled the perfume again and I have seen nothing as far as a ghost, but someone or something is here visiting for Halloween.

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