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Who Has Answers?

I am a writer and genuinely live in my own thoughts, which means I can be way out of touch with what is genuinely going on around me. But I do know what I know when I know it, although I may not know how I know it.

I have lots of help when I allow my guides and angels to help me, but that doesn’t protect me from my ego. My ego can have me living in a mental state of heartbreak hell if I allow the ego to have its way with my thinking, and when I allow my ego to control my thoughts, I don’t have control over my true self.

Example: I can’t have expectations about the way I think life is supposed to be because guaranteed I’ll be disappointed and then I’ll complain because my life isn’t the way my life is supposed to be. Talk about a trap.

It’s better for me to think about the people around me and how they are affected by the negative thinking I’m thinking of. Part of my life’s responsibility is to help someone else in need, not complain about my life and the way I think it should be. Acceptance comes to mind, because if I want to live a happy life, I have to accept life for the way life is and surf the wave life is on.

I am grateful for the learning process of life. None of us have all the answers, we learn by our mistakes and by doing the best we can after we’ve learned by those mistakes. My mother always says pick you battles in life and when I feel everything is butting up against me, I remember the good energies will always overcome the bad.

I don’t look toward a future because this moment is all any of us have, but I can’t help but wonder, what is the tipping point for humanity and the Earth? What are we going to experience before a tipping point, if there is one? Is the Earth recycling again and we all become extinct? In that case don’t worry about life and do the best you can. Everyone is struggling for balance in these difficult times, and we each have each other to lean on, and we have our spiritual guides to guide us if we listen.

I came into this world an angry individual, and I’m doing my best to go out a happy one. When I work daily on doing my best to be my best, there is only one way to go and that is up. I doubt there are depressed and unhappy individuals in Heaven.

In today’s day and age we should be united under the veil of our communal suffering. No one is untouched by what is happening, making us one united family around the world. The only difference I see in people is the outward appearance, turn us all inside out and we all look the same. Imagine if people were colored blind and only saw people for the goodness that their soul carries with them on their earthly journey.

I just want to be the best version of myself, while adjusting to the daily influences for both good and bad. I am always trying to transcend my last experience knowing I will be a better person and God will be happy with my effort.

Many experiences in life are frightening. I do my best not to be afraid, and be aware of my awareness. When I am aware of my awareness, I can control my responses to whatever situation I may find myself in. As my Dad would say, “Keep your chin up Tiger!”

Carpe Diem to Tigers keeping their chins up!!!

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