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What About Life?

What’s not interesting about Life?

Life has excitement, charisma, clarity, love, fun, happiness and life goes on.

Life has disappointments, despair, difficulties, hardships, grief, anger and life goes on.

Life is not separate from us, it flows thru us, energizing our cells and our perception of the flow of life determines how we feel about life.

Humans have been cut off from the loving Heavenly Father for far too long. The Father doesn’t wish to be separated from His creations but with humans having free will it is easy for humans to separate themselves from Him.

Each of us has a God spark that lives in the hearts of all humans, and all humans have to do to find their way back to the Heavenly Father is through recognizing and reconditioning the ego.

How do we get back you ask? By remembering our connection through silence. Relax and listen to our hearts, and most importantly pay attention to the first little thought that arises from the silence.

Silence can be achieved by shutting down the monkey mind when the monkey mind starts chattering. And how is that done?

By first recognizing the monkey mind is in control of your thoughts. When your thoughts are in the past or in the future then the monkey mind is in control.

When your thoughts are about angst, stress, worry, doubt, the monkey mind is in control.

The moment you notice the monkeys have stolen your mind, it is at that moment you can shoo the monkeys away.

When the monkeys are gone – presence fills the gap – even if only for a moment.

When the monkeys return do the same thing, shoo them away until you finally reach a mental state that is yours and the Father’s working together to create the life you wish to live in.

In the beginning finding that happy place may only last for a moment but the feeling is recognizable and your heart will remember the connection. Like anything else in life that is worth doing well, this takes practice.

God does not wish any of His creations to suffer through life. He doesn’t make situations for us to suffer, humans make situations that cause suffering. Suffering not only for humans but for the entire planet. God is waiting for our return to Him patiently as any good father would do.

Shooing off the monkeys, spending time in silence to reconnect to the Father is one way of stopping the suffering. I imagine myself with the Heavenly Father, the Son, and me standing as one in the center of a rainbow hurricane, this is my image of the life I wish to live. Not separate from God and His Son but together as one, creating a new life as one.

The possibilities are endless when creating a new life working with the Father, because when you create with Him, everyone and everything wins, there are no losers in the game of Life.

Carpe Diem and good luck shooing those monkeys.

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