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We Are The Present

Many of the spiritual books I’ve read talk of staying where you are in the moment, or in the now, in the present. There is no future because it hasn’t arrived yet, and there is no past because it is behind us, so all we have is this moment, this now, this present. Living in the moment keeps life fresh and alive, and during difficult times that can be a challenging quest.

Many songs have been written about staying in the moment, or living in the now, as well as countless books including mine. One of the spiritual teachers I’ve studied for years is Eckhart Tolle and he wrote a whole book called, “The Power of Now”.

Many countries around the world right now are experiencing crazy times. It seems that up is down and down is up, and during troubling times like these, that can be very distracting. Just keeping up with daily routines, chores, or even making plans for the future can be a daunting task, let alone trying to stay in the present moment.

I find myself distracted and looking for things to take my mind off the insanity. It only takes sixty seconds of thinking about one thing to begin to attract that energy to yourself, and monitoring thoughts these days has become a full time job. I don't think anyone around the world wants to attract the negativity going on around the world to themselves. But how do you not think about what's happening around the world since it affects our daily lives.

A common saying I’ve heard through my life is, “You are exactly where you are supposed to be”, okay, really? I guess so because I am here. And when I wake up and don’t feel like doing anything but being lazy, then that is exactly where I’m supposed to be? I guess so, so I don’t stress about being lazy for a day. But with the craziness happening now, I don’t know what to think. The word fear pops into my mind and I have to keep pushing it out and then I remind myself I only have control over myself, no one else. After all I am in control of my own happiness, right?

I have also heard and read throughout my life that what is happening now, is what is supposed to be happening now, or it wouldn’t be happening now. Okay. So the insanity that some people around the world are experiencing is what they are supposed to be experiencing? Let me wrap that around my head and remind myself I only have control over me, no one else.

An old TV program from 2009 came on the other day and it was a study of Nostradamus’s quatrains. The episode being aired was about the anti-christ he so famously wrote about, but he didn’t write about one or two, he wrote about three. So who will be the third? In today’s insanity, many might fit that bill.

The show got me to thinking that maybe the third wouldn’t be a person at all but instead maybe the whole human race. Humans have caused the extinction of countless plants, animals, and insects because of loss of habitat, hunting, and the list goes on. The human race has caused the climate crisis that every living being now has to live through.

Humans have been destroying the very planet they rely on for their survival, although that doesn’t go for everyone. There are a lot of people out there working their butts off trying to make a difference that will help us all. Talk about staying in the now and having control. So why can’t the human race be the next anti-christ? We sure fit the bill.

When you have no idea what is coming next, in a horror movie that is perfect, but in trying to live a life filled with love, happiness, community, family and friends, times like these can be very difficult. Fear of the unknown pops into mind.

When you want to make plans but you hesitate and say, “Well let’s wait and see what happens.” Okay, let us stay in the now and wait to see what happens. Let us see if staying in the moment, staying in the now, being present doesn’t help us all deal with the insanity happening all around us.

Carpe Diem to those putting their best foot forward to help the planet and help us all. Thank you!

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