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The Reality of a Day

You know you are cleaning out the closets of your life when someone you don’t know, but is known well by a family member, shows up with a sweet, neurotic medium size dog.

This poor dog hails from Puerto Rico and was left outside during hurricane Maria. She has severe separation anxiety, gee I wonder where that came from, but other than that she is a perfect pet. She pays no never mind to the other animals and only wants to be loved, so what’s not to like?

I say, you know you are cleaning out your life closets, because if I didn’t have the space in my heart and life for this beautiful little puppy, she would not have come into mine. Not just her though, I’ve also made a friend with her foster mom. See how life brings you gifts when you are doing the next right thing?

Life is always moving forward. Life’s rainbow current flows in all directions. Karma flows with the flow of life. You do bad things, bad things happen to you. You do good things, good things happen to you. When you love life, life loves you back.

The energy in my house has changed because the flow of life through my life has changed with this sweet new edition. If my family or friends asked me for life advice, I’d tell them, break your norms, shake up your routine, and see what the current of life brings your way.

Of course all actions depend upon intention. If intentions for breaking norms, or shaking up routines is for selfish reasons, then people will reap the wrath of bad karma. As long as intentions are honest, helpful, and truthful, the rainbow flow of life is rewarding.

When people believe in themselves and are not afraid to explore the life in front of them, those people truly live life. When people allow themselves to become uncomfortable by doing something for someone else out of the goodness of their hearts, the uncomfortable feeling fades. What remains is the full heart of knowing you are helping someone, or in my case, a dog and someone.

Times are tough today, and helping others, including the environment and other living beings, goes a long way. People have been cut off from nature and our place in nature for too long. Many have forgotten the Golden Rule, but if we could get everyone working together toward the Golden Rule again, the life we all live through each day would be a different place.

Carpe Diem good hearted people.

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