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The Protection Umbrella

I’ve written in past blogs about how I’ve imagined wrapping people, places, and things in double rainbow bubbles. I have also imaged touching people, places and things I want to protect with an angel finger. And now I have another protection plan in place, covering those people, places, and things with a protection umbrella.

For this meditation, I give thanks to Father Universe and Mother Earth for allowing me to do my best for them throughout the day. I ask to receive the daytime energies of my power and totem animals to be used in their service. And in the evenings, I ask to receive the nocturnal energies of my power and totem animals for protection through the night, all the while giving thanks.

This protection meditation came to me one afternoon during a spring storm. The forecast called for scattered storms but never said the storms would be strong or severe. During a quick ten-minute storm, the wind started howling, the rain was almost horizontal, and I thought the new roof was coming off.

The pressure in the whole house changed and it felt like the roof was being lifted off in one big piece. Large branches littered the yard and even a couple small trees came down. Though the storm only lasted a few minutes, those few minutes were harrowing.

My daughter was visiting, and she was standing with me in the kitchen, I was stunned that she didn’t seem to notice the severe weather passing over us until I said something. Immediately the protection umbrella idea popped into my head, and I imagined a dome covering the area. Though the idea was too late for this storm, the idea none the less was now at my disposal.

These meditations have helped me in more ways than I can describe. A couple years ago I had a fear every time I left the house that I forgot to lock the door. Once I was leaving for a few days to visit family and the fear was so strong I turned around and drove back home to check the lock. That stunt set my trip back at least thirty minutes. It was then that I decided to come up with a plan so that fear wouldn’t direct my actions again.

That plan turned out to be the angel finger plan. Every time I left the house, and the fear would creep in about securing the door, I visualized locking the door and double checking it before I left. Then I imagined touching the door and my mind with an angel finger, and the fear would subside. In the beginning, I had to do it a several times until the fear fades. Even now, I still occasionally have twinges of fear of the unlocked door.

This might seem like weird behavior to some, but once I had someone looking after my pets while I was away visiting family. Unintentionally the door was left unlocked and one of my cats got out and was never seen again. This was my main concern and fear, I didn’t want to be the cause of such pain again. Since that incident, only once has the door been left unsecured, and that was by someone visiting.

These short, but powerful meditations have really helped me get through some of my insecurities while helping me work on the insecurities that still remain. My hopes in writing about these fears is to help others with similar fears.

Fear is always ego, and I remind myself of that when I am driving out the driveway and the fear of the unlocked door creeps into my mind. I do my best not to allow the ego to control my thoughts and fears, and I remind myself people are more powerful than their egos and their fears.

Carpe Diem Protection Seekers!!!

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