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The Now

Staying in the moment, or remaining in the now, has been critical in me learning how to manage my pain without pain killers, and how not to let the beauty of life pass me by. By raising my body’s vibration through watching my thoughts with positive thinking, I have learned how to remove myself from the pain of my deformed spine and the stresses of the day.

Life is not about the past, and life is not about the future. The past is behind us, and the future hasn’t arrived yet, so why do so many people seem stuck between the past and the future?

It is important to learn from the past, so you don’t repeat it, but you don’t want to camp out there and relive painful, stressful events all over again. And projecting about a future event that hasn’t happened yet can be just as harmful and stressful to the body as a past event you have already lived through. It is the painful memory of a past event that can trigger stress of a future event.

When I catch myself thinking about the past, and I feel my body begin to tense up from those uncomfortable feelings of, I could have done better, or I wish I would have done that. The could have, should have, would have talk of the ego is nothing more than just that, talk, nothing to fear.

When fear, guilt, doubt, begin creeping into my thoughts, I stop my thinking, and bring myself back to the moment, to the now. I observe where I am in the moment, and I reset. Feelings of guilt, shame, doubt, fear, are all ego, and ego thrives on staying alive through negative thoughts and feelings. Living life is not about what happened in the past, or what the future holds, living life is about staying in the moment, and staying in the now.

Some folks are in such a hurry to get to whatever is on their plate for the day, they don’t noticed life is passing them by. When the mind is clouded with stressful thoughts of a future event, or a past episode, consciousness cannot enter the mind. The needless chatter of the ego needs to be quieted in order for presence to come through. I had the senseless chatter in my head for decades as I was always scurrying from one scenario to the next, trying to find the next adventure, or what lied behind the next door.

Living from one adventure to the next allowed my life to be filled with all kinds of adventures, but now, I stay in the now, and allow life to unfold around me. I don’t worry about missing anything anymore, everything I need to experience in life, life will bring to me.

When I stay in the now, I notice how much can be done in a short period of time. When my mind is clear and focused on what I am doing in the moment, time still flies by, but for some reason, the days are full and productive because I didn’t squander the time given to me during the day. I move effortlessly from one project to another, smoothly cleaning up and doing whatever chores the day may bring. If I didn’t get something done, God willing, I’ll have tomorrow.

It took me a long time to slow down and learn to enjoy the moment and stay in the now. I’ve read a ton of books on the subject, I’ve written a couple of books, and I practice staying in the moment every day, because staying in the moment, takes practice.

When I don’t feel peaceful, I feel pain, and then I know the ego is in control - time to reset.

Carpe Diem positive thinkers!!!!!

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