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Soul Connection

Have you ever had a stranger come up and think they know you? I’ve had friends and family tell me they've had this has happened to them many times. I've also experienced this over the years.

Why would strangers think they have a connection with someone they have never met, or seen before? I began wondering, maybe we’re not strangers at all, and maybe we do know each other. Could it be their soul is recognizing our soul? Could we be friends, or family, from a previous life? Or do doppelgängers really exist?

Obviously there are more questions than answers when it comes to this topic of soul recognition. But it is fun to explore different possibilities, and experiment with those possibilities. For example, once I had a long drive to a doctor's appointment, and decided to calm my nerves by repeating a mantra. As I repeated the short phrase, I went into an awaken, trance like state. I wasn’t seeing things that weren’t there. I was seeing the things that were there, differently. The sky was bluer, the grass was greener, everything was vibrant, and pulsating with life. It was a heightened state of consciousness. I had raised my vibration. vibration | Unity

This was not the first time I had done this. I was aware of what I was doing, and for that I was grateful! Because when I walked into the normally chaotic doctor’s office, I was met with pleasantness, and smiles. Helpfulness seemed to ooze from everyone. Even the male nurse who saw me, said I looked just like the lead guitar player from the rock group Journey. Say what?? The lead guitar player is a man, I am a woman. Had I not been aware of my heightened vibration, I might have thought this encounter very strange, and his comments even stranger. Instead, I found it fascinating and couldn’t wait to dig up of picture of the lead guitarist, Ross Valory, of the rock band Journey.

Why was this male nurse seeing me as a male energy? Or was he seeing me as a male entity? Did his soul recognize the male energy of my soul? Was he recognizing Ross Valory's male energy emanating through my soul? Through some meditation, and guidance from my guides and angels, I started thinking about soul recognition. Did the nurse connect with my soul on a different dimension?. I've added a couple of links to learn more about the soul, and soul recognition.

All of us are connected, whether we want to be or not. Recognizing our own characteristics, or quirkiness, in those we encounter, helps us to better understand, forgive, love, and respect ourselves. But it also allows us to have empathy for those we come in contact with. Maybe that is what happened with the nurse. His soul recognized something in my soul that reminded him of Ross Valory from the rock group Journey, hence, all connected.

Since all creation are born of both male (Father Universe), and female (Mother Earth) energy, is it possible for other people to see both energies in us? I believe I experienced it. And it is SO cool when it happens. You feel like a different person, because you are a culmination of all people, and of all naturally living things. Quantum Mechanics Reveals How We Are All Truly Connected - Learning Mind (

Knowing I am part of all Creation, means I have a responsibility to all of Creation. Being kind, and non-judgmental to myself, is just as important as being kind and non-judgmental to others. When people see something in someone else, or something else, such as noticing your own behavior in your dog or cat. That recognition can go a long way to helping people overcome their prejudices. But it doesn’t stop there. Seeing yourself in ALL of Creation, including nature, is crucial at this time. We must also care for the only planet we have, and we can do that by learning to provide for the basic’s that nature requires.

If you have a corner of your yard that you can allow to grow naturally, this will provide hours of endless opportunity to watch and learn about our brothers and sisters of Creation. No pesticides or fertilizers, just good old fashion nature. This will provide habitat for birds, butterflies, and other insects that are crucial for our own survival. This link to Dr. Doug Tallamy, explores how easy it is to setting up your own patch of natural habitat:

When you learn to see yourself as you are meant to be, a compassionate travelling companion with all Creation. That new perspective goes a long way to helping you relieve stress, anger, depression, and anxiety, just to name a few. It also helps you live a fulfilling life that you will enjoy sharing with all of Creation. Take some time and get to know nature. Watch her, watching you, and explore her wonders. Learn how much we have in common with the animal, plant, and insect worlds. Do you see your own soul in the cardinal looking back at you from the feeder?

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