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Messages From Afar

This week I’d like to share some messages I’ve received from guides, my higher self, and others.

When I channel messages flow through me and if I don’t have a pen or paper to write them down immediately or a phone to record the messages they are lost for good. But they are only lost to me because once they come through me they are out in the ethers for others to pick up on and act on if action is needed.

I have spoken before about channeling and how I sometimes know who is calling before they call, or I hear the notification of a text on the phone before the text comes through, but we all do this at times don’t we? I have no special gift. The gift of channeling is available to all of us but like anything else worth doing well, it takes practice. The more practice paying attention to the voice of reason the easier it is to hear it.

So when I was thinking of a topic for this week I couldn’t decide on just one of the channeled messages that came to me, I thought I’d share a few of them and you can decide for yourself if they will be helpful to you.

1. Life rungs of ladders. I have often looked at life as a ladder I am climbing to get closer to Heaven and farther away from the insanity on Earth. Raising vibration in other words.

2. Is the best way to look at life through the eyes of the dead? Through the eyes of people that have been here before? To learn through their eyes because their eyes have seen all this before since we keep repeating history. I took this as read and watch more documentaries.

3. As long as you’re open to everything, anything is possible. That statement needs no clarification.

4. It’s the High Five and the Low Five. This came to me one afternoon while watching bees on dandelion flowers. I lifted my right hand up and gave God a high five for creating such magnificent little workers and then I did a low five toward the ground to thank Mother Earth. So the channel actually came through as, “It’s the High Five and Low Hive”, I figured that message came from the bees. And now I go around High Fiving and Low Fiving all the time because there is so much to be thankful for.

5. Imagine a light beam coming down through Heaven from God through the tops of our heads and out the bottom of our feet to meet at the Earth’s core to seed a new Earth. Whew, I love that one.

I hope you all enjoy the channels and hopefully one of the channels will connect with you to help you have a great day.

Carpe Diem everyone!!! Be grateful for what we have.

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