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Life’s Learning Lessons

Life’s learning lessons come in many forms. We learn from mistakes we make and from the mistakes of others. We learn from books, music, we learn from family and friends, we have endless ways of learning, some are good, and some can lead down dark paths.

The ego is another learning lesson humans have their lifetime to figure out. Ego can also be the driver to leading down dark paths because ego deals with fear, and fear is the biggest driver of bad actions.

No one wants to live in fear of other people, other places, different languages, different cultures, different religions, and so on. But ego isn’t the critical thinker the human mind and human heart can be, my ego is reactive and it takes discipline to recondition it.

I’ve undergone some simple lifestyle changes with diet and exercise to give my next bloodwork results a better cholesterol level reading. Now none of this may work because my elevated cholesterol may be genetic, well dang that sucks, so why the lifestyle change? Why not?

The lifestyle change gets me out of my normal comfortable living routines. Instead of doing the same routine every day, I now mix the day up with reading reference books, practicing darts, practicing piano, working out and incorporating yard work with my workout routine, all the while still focusing on the daily grind.

This may seem boring to some, but not to me. I also did the lifestyle change for clarity. Cutting out processed and fast foods from my diet while incorporating hobbies I’ve always enjoyed into a productive part of my daily life. This helps me to accomplish what I need to do during the day while having fun doing it.

How do I know what I am sent here to do? I don’t. I figure when I do my best every day, then that is what I was sent here to do, especially when my activities cross paths with others that are looking to do the same.

When I started realizing things like this, I realized clarity had reached me:

Replacing undesirable habits with healthy habits.

Exploring my interest and who I am – now there’s an adventure.

I don’t want to make millions, I want to help millions.

We all need to help make the change needed to survive on Earth, and that change begins with each of us. We are not alone on this adventure, all energies are pulling for humans to do right by the Earth.

Is it having the courage to let go of the old self and the old habits? Is it having the courage to grow up and focus on myself so I can help my family and friends who need my help right now? Yes.

I have my own form of crazy like most people, but my crazy isn’t self destructive anymore, there is my clarity.

Have I achieved my goal of clarity and living my dreams? I can answer yes and no to that question, a little like life, sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no. I don’t let that get me down, there are always options until your heart no longer beats in your chest.

Only I can answer the clarity question. It is my life to live to the best of my ability, but if you ask around some might say I’m on my way.

Carpe Diem clarity searchers.

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