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Life and Her Angels

Life’s heroic angels appear in many forms, and in my case they present themselves as ferrets, cats, birds, dogs, trees, insects, wildlife, music, stars, the moon and the sun, just to name a few.

Many search for life's angels not realizing they are already here and are the wind beneath our wings. When we are born on planet Earth, no one is given a book of instructions for how to live the best life, or how to keep yourself out of the gutter. So grabbing ahold of angels and hanging on for the ride of your life while here on planet Earth might be some good advice.

Angels bring their best every day and have never turned their backs on me, so now it is my turn to bring my best and never turn my backs on them. It is my job to take care of the angels to the very best of my ability and I need my angels to help me do that. But in order to do that, I have to have unwavering faith in them and myself.

Finding the faith to care for them comes from the enjoyment in the work that life requires in helping the angels. Along with them helping me to find enthusiasm needed to enjoy the work that life requires for taking care of life’s angels. This too is also part of the angel’s role in helping me help them.

When life brings me angels to care for and love, then I love to care for those angels no matter what shape or form they may come in. It's like the old saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade", it's the same idea.

The shape of life comes in many angelic forms, some we see, some we don't. The unseen angels deserve just as much care and love as those angels that can be seen. My unseen angels come in the form of my unwavering hope, love, and faith.

So what do we do when life brings us angels in the forms of the living beings we love most? We love them back. We take care of them like they take care of us, and we do our best to apply their help and guidance to our daily lives.

When we are born into this life we have an ancestral line that we can follow to track our past family members, but we have no idea what type of person we will grow up to be or what angels may come our way.

Some people seem to cruise through life unscathed and comfortable, while others struggle with just doing their best. Some are forever searchers in life, trying to find the unanswered questions all of us are born with, while some of those comfortable individuals turn into teachers for many of us, others never seem to find that "comfortable in your own skin" feeling.

Those lucky enough to be born here on planet Earth come with the responsibilities of helping the Earth and her angels. Helping them to survive, not to destroy them. Earth is our angel that sustains us all, she deserves our very best and her very best is what we always receive from her.

Carpe Diem Angel Worshippers!!!

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