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It’s Up To God

It’s up to God to decide what He wants to do. He has the power, He can do anything He wants. God told Noah in Genesis Chapter Six of the Bible, or God’s words, thoughts, whatever told Noah that were translated in Genesis Chapter Six in the Bible, that God would not destroy His creation again.

So if He keeps to His word, or the translation of His word is kept, then I wonder what He might be contemplating now. When I see what’s happening in the world it reminds me an awful lot of those great blockbuster Hollywood movie versions of the Bible, and the wickedness Hollywood portrays from the Bible.

What if God left the earth alone and just eliminated the nuisances causing so much strive and destruction. God doesn’t need to destroy the Earth, humans are doing that for Him.

The Bible says man was made in the image of God. I doubt God has a physical body, He is pure love and light that no humans can lay eyes on, unless you want to blind your human eyes. Besides if He had a human body He could just walk amongst us instead of having to live within us to experience the thrill of being human.

I doubt humans are the only living creatures He inhabits, seeing how he is the Creator of everything. I’m pretty sure He is everywhere, so essentially He does walk amongst us, always. I hope one day man can become His image of pure love and light, so far only one has achieved that and Jesus has a whole religion devoted to Him.

If humans aren’t made in a physical image of God, could humans be made in the image of His Free Will? To live a human life in His Free Will image would require humans to be as God. To be of Love and Light. To act of Love and Light, and to live as Love and Light. I don’t know too humans many that live that way. I do know some humans that strive to live that way, and I bet that makes God happy. For is that not exactly the activity God wishes from all of us? Love and Light = Happiness. Happiness with all things, but especially with God.

Mostly from what I observe nature comes the closest to living in the image of the Creator. Nature’s Free Will seems to be in alignment with God's. Nature lives without consequences because of the joint cooperation between God and Nature. I don’t see a lot of humans aligning their free will with God's. But maybe that’s not completely the fault of humans.

There are other of God’s creatures out there. Others that don’t come from Earth. And their existence it seems has been affecting humans since the beginning of humans, if you believe the drawings, statues, and temples. Have humans had help or interference from other civilizations, civilizations that are not human? Have humans learned from them how to improve their own lives through knowledge and then technology?

On the evolutionary scale humans are advancing at a pace the Earth can’t sustain. The Earth’s resources are being used up faster than she can replenish them because she works on God’s evolutionary scale, not mans. And this goes for the other sentient beings that humans share this planet with, their evolutionary process is being interfered with because of man’s accelerated rate of evolution.

I don’t know what I’d do if I was standing in His white light and love. Oh wait, that’s the point. To watch horrible tragedies occurring and to lovingly care for His creations that are being destroyed by some of His other creations. Wow, no wonder human struggle with this.

When humans live in conjunction with God’s Free Will like Nature does, then humans become the co-creator of the world humans and God want to live in. Suddenly humans are one with their Creator and one with his love, light, and vision. Could it get any better than that?

Carpe Diem white light chasing and loving co-creators.

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