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“It Is What It Is”

I’ve heard this said by friends and family alike, “It is what it is”. But don’t you think that depends on the “It”?

“It is what it is”, is easy enough to understand, and comprehend: Things are as they are.

But what does depending on the “It” mean?

“It” can be many things.

“It” can be emotions (I grieve for it).

“It” can be feelings (I feel for it).

“It” can be wishes (I wish for it).

“It” can also be possibilities (I strive for it), just to name a few.

But “It” doesn’t say anything at all. “It” doesn’t describe an emotion, a feeling, a wish, or a possibility. “It” is a pronoun used to describe something that has already been mentioned, or a person. Like, "It's me." I prefer, "Hi, S. Rae here."

If “It” doesn’t hold any real value for language, then why is “It” used so often?

Maybe “It” should be replaced by the description that “It” is replacing.

Example: 1) "Let's clean "It" up" or "Let's clean up this mess." See the clarity in the difference of the two statements?

When I catch myself saying "It" while talking, or writing, I think of this simple example. Sometimes when I hear someone else say "It", I'll ask what they mean by "It". I believe by explaining the “It” to the listeners, and readers, they have a clearer understanding of what I am saying, and where I stand.

In "The Four Agreements" Don Miguel Ruiz writes, the number one agreement is, "Be impeccable with your words." And impeccable words carry high vibrations.

Eckhart Tolle speaks and writes in his books that, low vibrational words will drop from language all together, and be replaced with high vibrational words. Example: Love = high vibration, hate = low vibration. "If the only prayer you ever say is Thank You, that will be enough" - Eckhart Tolle.

So on this Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, we can practice saying high vibrational words to those listening, or reading, what we have spoken, or written. Then we can be thankful to have someone that listens, or reads, what we have to say. I know I am grateful on this weekend, and every day.

We can also be thankful that we have loads of other interesting, and fun words, to describe what others might just say “It” to. “It" was fun getting together for Thanksgiving”, or “Getting together for Thanksgiving was fun.”

Saying “Thank You” at Thanksgiving is easy, but being grateful for what you have, takes heart.

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