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Is it Time for Another Visit?

Yesterday a friend asked me if I’m attracting my shadow friend or foe by writing about him. I’m sure it’s possible because while I was making my morning smoothie this morning I heard the sound of a growl just off my left side.

Is it possible the growl came through the radio? I suppose, but the segment I was listening to had woman speaking and this growl definitely sounded masculine, dark, and animalistic.

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog (10/30/22) that it appears my shadow friend or foe visits around every ten years. I don’t remember a visit when I was around thirty-five but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t there. In fact I think he is always around to some degree.

When I was working on my first book a few years ago I was standing at my desk writing with the keyboard elevated on a foot stool to relieve the pressure on my back. I had my music going and was jamming when suddenly a energy moved through me.

The energy went through me with such force it knocked the air right out of me. As I gasped for air I spun around to see if the entity was standing behind me, but as usual nothing was there. The force of the negativity moving through me was something I’d never felt before. I began shaking, walked out of my office, grabbed some sage, cleansed the house and spent the afternoon outside.

I didn’t see the energy move through me in the form or shape of the shadow figure, but the feeling I felt was similar to how I’ve felt with other encounters, so I figure it must have been him. I was fifty-six at the time.

If indeed he did pass through me a few years ago, and that was the time he held me down on the bed and had me by the throat, then this encounter I believe would be an escalation. Physically attacking me was horrifying, I passed out from the attack, but physically moving through me, that’s a different story.

We’ve all heard stories of demonic possession, in fact I just watched the original Exorcist a few days ago. I avoided watching that movie until I was much older because I remember all too well the reaction my mother had when she went to the theater when it first came out.

Her response was so severe she actually believed I would become possessed because I was as old as the girl in the movie. Needless to say after living through that scary experience with my mother, I didn’t want to relive it, so I didn’t watch the movie until I was in my thirties and felt I could deal with it.

If the shadow figure is becoming more brazen, which it appears he is, then was his passing through me a trial run before the next visit is due. If he does come around every ten years then I have a few years to go before the next visit, but will the next visit prove to be even harsher? Will he try to stay in my body, instead of just passing through it?

Only time will tell and the state of my spirituality and faith are my best defense, so it is best that I keep those two in tip top shape by keeping up my daily gratitude prayers and appreciation for all I have.

Happy Halloween.

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