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Grace, or Not

Choices can be made with grace or not. I had a conversation the other day with a friend I’ve known for decades. He’s in the same age group of my other friends, 70’s.

These beautiful friends of mine keep reminding me I’m just a kid, although my soul and spirit feel like a kid, the doctors tell me I was born into a very old body. I feel like a kid, so who’s right? None of them. The important feeling is how I feel about me.

When the doctors told me my body was like an 80-year-old woman’s, they weren’t talking about the outside, they meant internally, so now when people tell me I look good, I just say, “Don’t turn me inside out.”

The age of the people I relate to, the fact I was born into an already aging body from birth, got me to thinking about age itself. Age is only a number, but some take their age literally and personally. I’m not sure where that sits with me, as I feel younger than I look, and nowhere near ready to give up.

My life experience has been you gain grace by jumping into life’s experiences with two fearless feet. Maybe that’s why I have so many lifelines on my face. Some call them wrinkles, I look in the mirror and smile knowing that every line and every scar was well deserved with grace, sometimes.

Some scars, and I have many, came from genes passed down in the form of acne while others came from life’s hard knocks. The point being this world has enough scars from the endless wars driven by greed and aged ideology.

I see aged ideology in some of the conversations being held now by people in power and by friends I’ve known for decades. If we aren’t going to be the change we wish to see in the moment, then we must accept the alternative.

` Although if people stood up for what they feel is right and worth getting scars for, then hopefully they won’t be swallowed up by the rising oceans when their heads are still buried in the sand.

The opposite of grace is disgrace, and when bad behavior becomes a way of life, grace has left the building. The time is now to usher in a new era. I don’t pay much attention to prophecies, but I do believe in karma, and many have a lot to worry about when it comes to karma.

I have an acquaintance that says he is where he needs to be because that is where God needs him to be. I completely agree! I am glad my acquaintance and I feel we will both be ok.

The secret to life is not to reveal the secret to life, unless it is in the helpful manner of serving others with grace, not lies, deceit, or fear. Fearful people like to scare other people, so they don’t feel alone.

Allow grace and age to guide you so you don’t fall into a trap, unless you want to be left with lifelong scars, instead of you being your scar keeper.

Carpe Diem graceful seekers!!!

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