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Eye of the Rainbow Hurricane

I’ve spoken before about the totem animal’s energy that Native Americans believe we share while we are here during our Earthly journey and to help us on our path down the Good Red Road.

For Instance:

My Eastern totem is Fox. Fox represents camouflage and according to the Medicine Card book by Sams and Carson, Fox is like the wind and is able to weave unseen through life’s situations. Fox’s medicine also includes adaptability and observation. You can learn a lot by just watching others and yourself and learning to adapt to life’s changing situations comes in very handy when life starts pitching those curve balls.

My Southern totem is Opossum. Opossum energy ushers in diversion. Just as the Opossum’s defense of rolling over and playing dead can be a lifesaving tactic, so can Opossum’s sense of strategy. I can’t think of any life situation where strategy and often diversion have not come in handy.

My Western Totem is Badger. Like Fox, Badger also is female energy, and Badger’s energy is the medicine of many powerful medicine women. I have used Badger’s aggressive healing on myself to help me find my Badger energy. To do battle with that energy, to help reign that aggressiveness in to be used properly for healing, not just for me but for others as well.

My Northern Totem is Dolphin. Dolphin breathes in the manna, the breath of life. Dolphin energy teaches me how to use the breath to release my stresses and other unwanted emotions and negative energies. In many situations, Dolphin energy has helped me breathe through physical pain, emotional stresses, and upsetting emotions.

My Above Totem is Lynx. The Lynx is the knower of secrets. According to some Native American tribes, Lynx medicine is a specific type of clairvoyance. Lynx medicine people can receive mental pictures or in my case, the feelings of others. I get an idea of what a person is truly like through the feelings my other totems help me interpret, and like the Lynx, know their secrets through their feelings.

My Below Totem is Otter. Otter represents balanced female energy, as all humans are made up of both male and female energies. The woman medicine of Otter brings playfulness and curiosity, and when I call on otter it is usually because I need to lighten the load of a difficult situation. My otter medicine helps me remain in the eye of the rainbow hurricane while the rest of the world swirls with insanity.

My Inner Totem is Moose and Moose represents self-esteem. In the Medicine Card book Moose medicine people know when to use the gentleness of Deer or when to activate the stampede of Buffalo. In my case, I use the playfulness of Otter or release the aggressiveness of Badger, whichever the situation may require.

My Right Side Totem is the Jaguar. Jaguar represents the energies of integrity and impeccability. I couldn’t think of a better glue to hold the other healing totems together than integrity and impeccability.

My Left Side Totem is Alligator. Alligator represents patience, and without patience, could the rest of the medicine totems function? All totems have healing properties but when a couple of elderly loved ones in my life are now needing care, I will be calling on my totem’s energy, love, and wisdom to help me through life’s challenges.

I am grateful that I reincarnated with the totem animals that bring with them the adaptability of fox, opossum’s strategy, badger’s aggressiveness, dolphin’s ability to breathe, and the clairvoyance of Lynx to help me see and feel the secrets others may be keeping.

The balanced female energy of otter reminds me not to take life too seriously and look at life’s challenges as learning lessons not punishments. The self-esteem moose ushers in confidence in myself to work with all my totem energies and apply them to life’s situations.

To handle life’s situations with impeccability and integrity that my male energy ushers in through Jaguar, and finally the patience of the female energy of alligator to step back and look at life. Picking my battles, asking my guarding angels, spirit guides, the Father above and the Mother below to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground and my head soaring with eagles in the sky. My totems and me standing firmly in the middle of a rainbow hurricane.

Carpe Diem to others holding their rainbow hurricanes together with the loving energies of their totem animals.

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