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Double Rainbow Bubble Protections

When l am personally impacted by a scary, or even life threatening incident, accident, or experience, I think of the children’s book I have written titled, Double Rainbow Bubble.

In the book, upon waking in the morning, a young girl realizes that God can wrap her, and everything she loves in double rainbow bubbles. All she has to do is ask, and suddenly she is transported into a double rainbow bubble of protection, healing, understanding, unconditional love, and so much more.

So when my thoughts drift to an upcoming, important doctor’s appointment, and my ego kicks in, trying to fill my mind with fear of a worst case scenario, I remember God’s double rainbow bubbles.

I ask God, my spirit guides, guardian angels, power and totem animals, to take my ego’s fears, wrap them in God’s loving, healing white light, and dissipate them into the Universal ethers. Once the fears are absorbed by the light, they become powerless. Powerless to harm me, or others. Then I ask to be wrapped in a double rainbow bubble, please.

Our fears and insecurities when dwelled upon, attract the negative energy to the negative thought we are dwelling on. If there is a life threatening situation that you may have to accept, such as an illness, now your state of mind is critical to your care, and potential healing.

We are not alone, and we don’t have to do anything alone. We have our spiritual family above, and our spiritual family here on Earth to help us through difficult life lessons, and help us remove the ego’s fears, with courage.

When someone remains stuck in the doldrums of the ego’s fears, it is detrimental to their overall health, making their recovery even more difficult and lengthy. Such as it was for me 10 years ago, when I fractured a vertebrae in my back, and spent 3 years battling back from depression, dread, victimization, and loathing.

Those fears only have control over your mind as long as you allow the ego to maintain control over your thoughts. And when fearful thoughts return, as they always seem to do, repeat the process, and release the fears to God. And do not be discouraged, releasing fears to Heaven becomes easier the more it is done, and eventually it becomes second nature, like any good habit.

Mother Earth contains the energies of the four directions, East, South, West, and North. Above is the energy of the Creator of all things. Below is the energy of the Mother of all things, and within, is the child within us, and our soul. The within energy is the source energy we share with The Creator, God, and Mother Earth.

The energies of Mother Earth absorb negativity, and fears, just as Heaven does. We are surrounded by love and protection from all sides. So if you feel yourself becoming stressed, or anxious over a situation, wrap yourself, and your fears, in double rainbow bubbles and release them to Heaven. Ask Mother Earth to absorb negative thoughts through Her skin, the dirt and grass we all walk on, and the waters we all swim in.

Staying in the moment, and being present in the moment, by being the observer of all experiences, and situations, protects you from becoming a victim of those very experiences, or situations.

Medical issues can be very scary. So remaining detached from a medical issue, by not attaching yourself to, or becoming the medical issue, helps in learning, and understanding more about resolving the issue. This is also helpful to the person’s overall outlook, and possibly prognosis for whatever life lesson life has thrown at them.

Being an observer, and seeing from an observer’s point of view, helps in healing, and working with doctors to find a solution for a medical, or life problem. Don’t allow the ego’s fear to cloud the sound judgement that your inner self, working in conjunction with your doctors, The Creator, Mother Earth, guides, angels, power, and totem animals, can create.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves, if we believe we can, and have faith that we can. Humans can accomplish anything they set their minds to, as long as their intentions are good, and in alignment with their spiritual, and earthly families. And the best way to align with them, is to understand them by getting to know them, through meditation, prayer, and journaling, just to name a few.

When people learn that others are not that different from themselves, then judgements drop off, and not judging anything is the key, because anything is possible, if you believe it so.

Carpe Diem!!

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