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Counting Your Blessings

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

A familiar old verse my grandma used to repeat to me when I felt down in the dumps was, “Count your blessings”. I have to admit, when I was younger I had no idea what she was talking about, but her words always comforted me, and I guess in my own way I understood, because I never asked her to explain.

It has been easy for me to live from a victim’s point of view. I am a child of a nasty divorce, growing up while moving from one location to the next, always a new school, having to make new friends, serious health issues, the passing of my husband way too early, don’t you feel sorry for me? Of course not!! People should feel empathy, not sorry.

I’m no different than anyone else in life that has had a lot of crap happen to them, and like everyone else, I too still have a lot of crap happen to me; it is called life. Taking life personally, though, is a personal affront to yourself and those around you. I acted, or I should say reacted, to life, like life was out to get me, or the people in my life were out to get me.

What a senseless use of time, energy, and worse, treatment of, and to myself. For a very long time I was harsh, demeaning, uncaring, and even cruel to myself, and none of those treatments gained me any points with my family or friends.

I was astonished at how long it took me to start counting my blessings, and when the death of my husband came so suddenly, I went off the deep end, and didn’t come up for air for years.

When I realized life had continued on without me, and my daughter was almost grown, I saw just how far away I had drifted from her, myself, and who I used to be. Now looking back at me in the mirror was a stranger, someone I knew nothing about.

Learning about this new person in the mirror was a challenge, in that I had no idea where to start. Grandma’s words came back to me, “Count your blessings”, and that is always a great place to start. Not only is it a good beginning, but counting your blessings regularly creates a routine, and before you know it, an interesting, wise old owl begins to appear in the mirror.

Those difficult days forged the strong person I am today, and now my grandmother’s words boom ever so loudly, “Count your blessings", as my days are no longer spent worrying about the state of the world, and the people in it.

Instead, I choose to stay intelligently informed, but removed from the drama, by filling my time with positive actions, like watching and learning about birds, and the proper environment for them to thrive in. Writing, learning a new language, reading, watching uplifting programs, along with old, and new favorites on TV. Puzzles, honest work, and looking after myself, and my family.

A wise old owl in the sense the person looking back is stronger, humbler, and better-rounded because they realize they are not a victim, but a viable human being, capable of great, and wonderful things.

I have found the best way to, “Count my blessings”, I begin each day with a thank you. I end each day with a thank you, and I thank everything in between.

Carpe Diem Blessing Counters!!

For the bird lovers and enthusiasts out there, Ray will give me a shout out this Sunday on, Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds podcast, 9:30 to 10am, Eastern Standard Time. Check it out at: – live on-line


Hope you'll be listening, friends of the Earth!!!

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