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A Lovely Purpose

Most of us make mistakes on a daily basis, and while some are small, others can be a bit more drastic. We are human after all, and it is in our best interest to make mistakes and not beat ourselves up for them. I've come to believe that learning from them is part of the purpose in life.

I thought my babysitting days were done until I had to start watching my own thoughts and every word that came out of my mouth. To be responsible and learn life’s lessons takes patient listening, and I’ve found this babysitting job pays much better when I’m responsible for myself, only then can I make a difference in someone else’s life.

The life lessons I’ve learned so far have gotten me to the point of living life to the best of my ability. There are no laurels to rest upon. I know it sounds like a cliché, but when I live my life to the best of my ability, I honor life lessons learned from hard and soft knocks. Sharing life’s lessons, helps me grow in the hopes that someone else can relate to life’s soft, and hard knocks as well.

For example, when I am practicing Spanish or music, the mistakes teach me much more than the sections I cruise through. The easy sections are base lines, mastering the mistakes elevates me to another level. This is life. Learn a lesson, move on to the next.

Cooler heads prevail by learning from their mistakes and keeping their egos in check. They know fear is ego, and they know how important it is to lead through their hearts. Cooler heads and humble hearts understand compassion, empathy, and love for someone other than themselves.

Do people know love is what it’s all about? And when love is what it’s all about, lives are no longer living in fear. When love can thread her magic through the fabric of differences, through the patience of listening, and the compassion for the similarities we share, everyone wins. No one is an island, and with the rising seas, who wants to be one anyway?

Every living being deserves friends. Imagine that as a purpose in life. Make that a goal. Get to know the living species around you. Take a break from the disasters, and learn about the ant on the ground, the tree in the yard, or the neighbor you only wave at from the mailbox. A smile goes a long way.

Living in a state of love will not stop anyone from having to endure life’s hard lessons, but love will rise you above them, and that is where you find the purpose to continue.

Purposes are found in moments, not in lifetimes, and living a life of purpose is living a life of love. Living a life of love is living a life of truth. And living a life of truth is living a life through God.

Carpe Diem

To the Ukrainian people, my heart goes out to you. Godspeed

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