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A Centipede Kind of Day

I guess the centipede day began yesterday afternoon when I took the laptop out to the front porch to write this week’s blog and work on an article for the Four River’s Audubon newsletter.

I turned the laptop on and the screen had warnings about an improper startup, so I turned it off and started over, fortunately no issues for the rest of the afternoon. Then I got a call from the transmission shop that has had my friend’s SUV for seven months now. It seems whoever is shipping the transmission keeps shipping the wrong ones, because it’s happened three times now. So now it will be another two months before we have any hopes of getting the car back.

This morning started off just fine but I had a lot to do. A friend of mine has chickens and she gives me fresh eggs and I always cook something for her and today I cooked her super loaded omelets. I made the food and began cleaning up when the water from the faucet began to trickle. Oh no I thought, now what?

I went out to the pump house to see if anything was leaking only to find the well tank hissing and losing pressure. I didn’t know what that meant so I called my friend who owns the property to tell him and he immediately called a plumber, after all it is a Friday. Then we left to get his rental car.

After returning home I began texting my best friend and my neighbor who does plumbing work. Fortunately I am lucky to have excellent friends and neighbors and after telling them about my water experience I soon had advice, ideas, and names with numbers.

One idea my friend’s husband gave me took me back to the pump house to tap on a part with a small hammer, sure to cure the issue, but nothing happened. Then I noticed the water softening system had no power and I thought breaker. I came in the house flipped the breaker off and then back on and the system fired up, thank goodness.

Ok, the rental car is in the drive, my friend is loading it and getting ready to leave in a couple of hours and I am getting ready to head to the park to do my Tai Chi/Qigong class. I put the laptop, the Tai Chi/Qigong CD’s and other items in the car and return to the house to get the omeletes. After packing them up I go out the kitchen door, pull it shut and turn to go back to make sure I had not forgotten anything to find the door was jammed and I couldn’t get back in. I must admit, this is the first time in my many decades a door jammed shut. I didn’t have time to worry about it, I had to get to class.

I show up at the park and everyone is “Hello. How are you?” And my response was, “It’s a centipede kind of day.” They said, What?” So I explained what a centipede kind of day means to me.

The old saying waiting for another shoe to drop, well a centipede day is when it’s raining shoes. I began to run down the list of mishaps that I seem to be swimming in today and what can anyone say?

We finished our Tai Chi and went under the pavilion to do our Qigong routine which we use the laptop and disk for. I started up the laptop, no problem, put in the disk, it wouldn’t load. I instantly remembered what had happened yesterday, shut the laptop down and said I’ll back it up when I get home but today we do Qigong from memory. I did say other shoes would probably fall and there they were.

After class I was speaking with a member and we were talking about the strange set events and I told her I can’t get emotional about what is happening. That would do no good and what I am experiencing today is just life. The beginning of the week was awesome, this is just the trough in the waves of life we’ll be back on the crest again soon.

She said she reacts emotionally and she said I have a lot on my plate with friends and family I look out for. I told her I believe that is why I have broad shoulders and lots of help from my guides, angels, family and friends, after all, aren’t they all the same thing?

Sometimes the load is heavy other times not so much, but I wouldn’t be given these challenges if I wasn’t prepared for them and if I couldn’t handle them. And that is the attitude I am remaining in today to guard myself from the thunderstorm of centipede shoes.

Leaving the park I came home to have my friend tell me that his work schedule for the weekend had been cancelled. Off we go back to the car rental to return the car and then to come back home so I can break into my house.

After gaining entrance I began to dismantle the door knob only to have a thought from a gentle loving guide tell me to call my friend to see if he had left anything in the rental, and of course he had, it’s a centipede kind of day. Back to the car rental I go.

While driving there my phone rang and it is my friend asking me if I can stop at the bank for him, his banking material was at the house with him, I said, “No. You can go to the bank when I get back from the car rental.” All the while I keep reminding myself about the wise words that left my mouth at the park, stay calm, this isn’t a problem you created this is just life.

I found myself enjoying the ride home because I had a feeling things were about to get back toward normal. Feeling lighter and pleased that I didn’t get emotionally involved with the chaos I thought, I need to write about this and scrub yesterday’s blog. Speaking of the laptop, it is being backed up as we speak.

If you find yourself having a centipede kind of day, arm yourself with patience and become the watcher of the chaos instead a part of it. Now half of our plans have been scrubbed, the paying plans, but the rest rock on and although it’s been a bumpy ride thus far, it looks like for the moment, calmer waters are here and I haven’t had a shoe drop in about an hour, or maybe I’m not done yet, this computer is giving me trouble. Time for another back up.

Whew!! Carpe Diem to all those having a centipede kind of day, there’s only one way to go from here and that is up, climbing our way to the crest.

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